Howe Dell School - Lion Dance Demo

Bob, Joanne and Ben Fermor performed a Traditional Lion Dance demonstration at the Howe Dell School in Hatfield. Howe Dell is recognised as the leading Eco-friendly school in the UK and one of the leading Eco-schools in the whole of Europe. Guan Yu International Academy of Martial Arts are proud to do their part in the education at this prestigious school.

The event took part on 26th January 2009, to help the school celebrate the Chinese New Year (Year of the Ox). The performance was a great way to educate the children and give them a taste of Traditional Chinese culture.

A great time was had by all, the children absolutely loved the was another ROARING success.

Click image below to view the slide show from the Howe Dell Chinese New Year Lion Dance


For more information about Howe Dell and the event - Click here to view the Howe Dell website