Guan Yu Martial Arts - Nunchaku

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Check back here in the near future to find out more about this awesome weapon. In the mean time why not check out Bobs latest instructional DVD 'Nunchaku Extreme - Volume 1'

'In the Shadow of the Masters - Weapons Series' Nunchaku Extreme Volume 1 Instructional DVD

The latest release from Bobs range of high quality instructional DVDs. This time introducing the weapon which Bob became famous for on the tournament circuit 'THE NUNCHAKU'. In this DVD Bob demonstrates the training drills and techniques of the single Nunchaku including - Cycles, Returns, Strikes, Spinning, Footwork (Kata) and Freestyle. Everything you need to know to get you started in the skills of the Nunchaku. An 'UNMISABLE INSIGHT' into the vast knowledge and understanding Bob has mastered in this weapon.

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